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The Board for 2024 divided the Areas of Responsibility

HAMKOs Board for the year 2024 held its inaugural meeting on December 9, 2023. They shared responsibility areas as following.

Chair of the Board: Henriikka Mastokangas, Internationality and Partner associations
Vice-Chair of the Board: Meeri Järvi, Sustainable Student Union and Partner associations

Members of the board

Essi Vestu: Member Benefits and Services, Career and Employment
Juno Olkkola: Quality and Feedback, Societal Influence
Kia Vasarainen: Communications
Kristiina Hartikainen: Events
Pipsa Remes: Councelling and Orientation
Sini Mäkitalo: Sports ja Well-being
Wilhelmiina Pajula: Communications and Events

Essi and Juno are also anti-harassment contact persons.

The Chair of the Representative Council in 2024 is Jutta Pantsu and Vice-Chair of the Representative Council is Ville Suppala.

The Board and the Representative Councils term starts at January 1st, 2024.

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