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HAMKO’s office Holiday Break

HAMKO’s office in Hämeenlinna University Centre is closed from Dec 15, 2023 to Jan 8, 2024.

If you need service concerning your membership, student card or a sports pass, please take a contact in advance.

You may contact us by e-mail, but please do notice there might be a delay of respond during the period.

Please note, we have services online:

Once you have renewed your membership, or if you have already acquired your membership for a longer period, Pivo will automatically renew itself. If the automatic update doesn’t work, you can update your mobile card yourself. The Update Card feature can be found at the bottom when you open a student card in the app.

The use of mobile student card requires strong identification with Finnish bank ID.

We primarily recommend using a Pivo digital student card. The validation sticker on the plastic card can be updated when the office is open again from January 8th, 2024.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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