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Name the Teacher of the Year 2023!

Do you know a teacher whose lessons use a variety of working methods? Or is your teacher particularly successful in teaching? Has your teacher given you support throughout the course to help you to be most successful in your studies? Is there a teacher in your programme who deserves the title of Teacher of the Year?

HAMKO is looking for a Teacher of the Year in co-operation with National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK and other Student Unions of Universities of Applied Sciences. We would like to have suggestions from all UAS-students for a teacher who supports student diversity and students.

Send your proposition no later than April 2, 2023.

Include the name of the teacher and justifications why you think the teacher has earned the prize. HAMKO will choose a maximum of three propositions and send them forward to SAMOK.

A jury chosen by SAMOK will handle the propositions anonymously and make the final decision about the teacher of the year! The teacher of the year is awarded in May at the national UAS Days.

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