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Slice’s benefits – Highlights in January 2024

New year, new things and good benefits! As a member of HAMKO, you have Pivo’s digital student card. How does Slice relate to that, we’re sure you ask? Pivo and Slice are working together, and as a Pivo user, you also get these benefits! Many benefits of Slice can also be found in the Pivo application. These are not separate, but in the same listing, where you can also find Pivo’s benefits.

Read here about benefits for the beginning of the year. Remember to also take advantage of the excellent local benefits found in your own student card application!

1 Student benefits in Finnkino movies theatres

Founded in 1986, Finnkino Oy is Finland’s most diverse cultural entertainment provider and pioneer. Finnkino has a total of 17 cinemas in eleven locations in Finland, with a total of 119 screens. In 2019, about 5.5 million viewers visited the theaters.

Finnkino offers students movie tickets from the website or app at a -30% discount! Be prepared to show your student card at the theater.

You can get the discount by logging into your Finnkino Lab customer account. As a Finnkino Labista, you will also receive other benefits in your email, such as:
• Making ticket reservations online
• Poppers as a birthday present
• Raffles
• Advance and invited guest shows

Students are also offered Movie snacks with a -20% discount! Redeem the offer at the theater cash desks by showing your student card.

2 A tasty one-time benefit from Naughty Brgr!

Naughty Brgr is an excitingly experimental burger bar founded by Top Chef winner Akseli Herlevi. The restaurant’s great atmosphere and the juiciness of the burgers lie in the highest quality ingredients, the continuous development of operations and recipes, and of course in the right attitude and the best possible staff.

More than a decade of background work, an educational duel in Top Chef and a food stall that gained enormous popularity at the Helsinki Street Eats street food festival paved the way for Finland’s naughtiest burger bar. Naughty Brgr’s comprehensive menu focuses on burgers made from the best ingredients, which include 100% domestic pedigree steak or Beyond Meat steaks, portobello mushrooms, bacon slices and fried goat cheeses.

Welcome to treat yourself to Finland’s naughtiest burgers!

Naughty Brgr offers students a one-time benefit of Naughty Smash and Naughty Juicy Lager for a combined price of only €17! Redeem the one-time benefit when ordering on the spot from your app.

3 GoMore offers students a €30 discount on their first rental!

Do you have a move or a special excursion coming up, but you’re missing a spending spree? Or have you perhaps always wanted to jump behind the wheel of a convertible or a Tesla?
At GoMore, you can find a travel game for every departure from our selection of more than 1,000 cars. A large number of cars can be conveniently rented near you with the GoMore app in less than five minutes.
As a student, you can now get a huge €30 discount on your first GoMore rental with the discount code GOSTUDENT.

Find GoMore’s student discount in your own app. By clicking on the link, you can create your profile, book a car and start your adventures at the end of the year.

4 For students, a discount on Fortum’s electricity contract!

Is the renewal of the electricity contract currently a topical issue? Fortum offers students a -50% discount on the basic electricity fee for one year. You get the benefit of the basic payment every month for 12 months!

The basic fee at the normal price is €4.50/month – your benefit is €2.25 per month.
The campaign is valid for a limited time. The electricity contract is valid until further notice. When you move to a new place or to a new apartment, you can easily change your electricity contract.

Activate the student benefit and order electricity by clicking on the link found in the student benefit! You can find the benefit in your student card application.

5 Audiobook services more affordable

Slice cooperates with several audiobook services. Take a look below at great discounts on audiobook services that you can take advantage of as a student right away!

Read and listen to e-books and audiobooks for free for 45 days! Activate your trial period at Benefit valid only for new customers.

In cooperation with, Storytel offers a free 40-day trial period for audio and e-books. Listen as much as you want. The offer is only valid for new Storytel customers. I can find the link to the campaign page at

Now, as a new BookBeat user, you can try Finland’s most popular audiobook service for 45 days free of charge. At BookBeat you can find more than 500,000 e- and audiobooks to choose from to listen to and read. Go to the campaign page at

Remember to also take advantage of the countless local benefits found in your student card application! A few example withdrawals:

  1. Pancho Villa Express Hämeenlinna, Goodman: Pancho Burger only €10
  2. Pancho Villa Hämeenlinna: Quesadilla only €12.50
  3. Amarillo Hämeenlinna: Two Amarillo Big Burger portions for the price of one Mon-Thurs
  4. Parolan Pyörähuolto, Hämeenlinna: Two-day bike rental for the price of one
  5. Puisto Brgr, Hämeenlinna: Potatobowl or Parsternakka fries + dip free of charge with Burger

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