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New home for HAMKO’s blog

With our new website, our blog also got a new home. So welcome to the renewed HAMKO’s blog!

Moving under our own website means a new phase for our blog. When we started to plan new our website, we had a serious discussion about the future of our blog. We wondered if we needed a blog at all, but the unanimous decision was that we do! The condition for maintaining the blog was that we must write there more often. And that is going to happen, starting from now.

HAMKO’s blog 2.0 will offer posts about the everyday life of the Student Union. The blog is written by our staff, members of the Board and Council of Representatives, and student representatives from various work groups. This spring, there will be posts about, among other things, the transfer of tutor training to remote implementation, the planning of autumn activities and the strategy work group’s efforts to create a new strategy for HAMKO.

We hope you like our renewed blog!

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