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HPK Appro combines Ice Hockey game and fun Appro Tasks

HAMKO and HPK are jointly organizing the first-ever HPK Approt event on February 7th at Pohjantähti Areena in Hämeenlinna, coinciding with the HPK-TPS Liiga hockey game.

Event tickets can only be purchased in advance through (SOLD OUT). HPK Approt tickets include admission to the Liiga game HPK-TPS, the appropass, an overall patch, discounted prices at the arena, side activities, and post-game gathering at the Kerho restaurant in the arena. Appro participants have reserved seats in two adjacent stands, allowing them to choose between standing or seated areas.

Info package for those attending HPK Appro

Arriving to the hall

  • You can reach Pohjantähti Arena from the center of Hämeenlinna, for example, by bus number 4.
  • The doors of the arena open on Wednesday, February 7th, at 17:30, and HAMKO drops the puck on the ice at 18:30.
  • Entrance through the main door. In the main lobby of Pohjantähti Arena, there is HAMKO’s stand, where you can get match tickets and appropasses against your ticket. To expedite the queue, have your ticket ready, and if you have a ticket entitling you to HAMKO’s member discount, also have your student card/Pivo ready.
  • Tickets are exchanged in the main lobby until the end of the 1st period

In the hall and how to do the appro?

  • The viewing areas for Appros are the adjacent stands G (standing places) and A4 (seated places). Standing places are unnumbered, seated places are numbered.
  • During intermissions and throughout the match, appropass tasks will be carried out.
  • During the event, the Kerho restaurant in the arena is available for Appros, and there is also additional program.
  • In the Kerho restaurant, you will find HAMKO’s information point throughout the event.

Returning the appro passes and after-game

  • The return of appropasses and the distribution of overall patches will open during the 2nd intermission at main lobby at HAMKO stand.
  • After the match, the Appros gather in the Kerho restaurant for after-game.
  • The event ends at 22:30.
  • The city center of Hämeenlinna is within walking distance from the arena (1.8 km). Please note that public transportation no longer operates after the event concludes at 10:30 PM.

Will the evening continue after the Appro? In honor of HPK Approt, Bar Taso (Hallituskatu 20, Hämeenlinna) offers half-price entry for HPK Approt participants on February 7, 2024! The discount can be obtained by showing the HPK Approt overall patch at the ticket counter at Bar Taso.

P.S. By showing HPK’s orange color during the match, you can complete one appropass task.

We want to provide a harassment-free event. If you experience any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior during the event, please contact the HAMKO’s anti-harassment contact persons whose contact information can be found in the appropass.

So, put on your overalls and orange attire, see you at the arena!

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