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Enjoy terrifyingly delicious treats at Café Appro

Welcome to a sugary adventure at the beginning of November, when HAMKO’s Café Appro tours cafes in the spirit of a spooky and delicious Halloween!

At Café Appro, stamps are collected for the appropass by enjoying delicious drinks and treats in all participating cafes. When your pass is full, you can claim a great jumpsuit badge.

The event is alcohol-free, except in those cafes that have the right to serve alcohol. Bring your friends too, because the event is open to everyone. They can also get the ticket and participate to this event.

Café Appro’s event date is 1-3 November 2023.


You can buy just the Café pass, or a pass and a durable cup. Get your ticket from Tickets are sold as long as there are enough tickets.

Ticket prices

Café pass, HAMKO member €5
Café pass, non-member €8
Café pass + durable cup, HAMKO member €10
Café pass + durable cup, not a member €16

If you want to buy a HAMKO durable cup later, the normal price of the mug is €10, €7 for members.

Redeeming the Café Pass

You can pick up the afé pass at the HAMKO office in Hämeenlinna and at the following campuses according to the associations’ own opening hours.

Evo: Evon Metsäpojat
Forssa: FAMKO
Lepaa: LOK
Mustiala: From HAMKO board member Sami Mon-Tue 30-31.10. at 12-12:30 in the lobby of the “uusi opisto”
Riihimäki: RINO
Valkeakoski: HAVO and VARO


  • Café Appro’s event time is 1-3 November 2023
  • You need five (5) stamps in your cafe pass to get the Café Appro overall badge.
  • Hämeenlinna: You can collect max. one (1) stamp per participating cafe.
  • Forssa, Mustiala, Riihimäki, Valkeakoski: You can collect max. two (2) stamps per participating cafe.

You can get a stamp for any product purchased from the cafe participating in the event. You can get a badge by returning your passport by 17 November 2023.

Café passes can be returned to the following campuses. Evo – Evon Metsäpojat, Forssa – FAMKO, Hämeenlinna – HAMKO, Lepaa – LOK, Riihimäki – RINO, Valkeakoski – HAVO and VARO.

Cafés in the event


Antin konditoria – Käsityöläiskatu 24
Kahvila Lammenkulma – Sibeliuksenkatu 1
Voffelikahvila – Kartanonkatu 4
Pikku Pistrina – Hämeentie 11


BOBO kahvila – Kaivokatu 7
Café Hoffi – Palokunnankatu 9
Café Kukko – Palokunnankatu 11
Café Laurell – Sibeliuksenkatu 7
Dois Amores – Raatihuoneenkatu 4
Espresso House – Sibeliuksenkatu 2b
Hemma Café – Raatihuoneenkatu 29
Kahvila Pikku Veera – Hallituskatu 12
Kahvila & Konditoria Kokko – Raatihuoneenkatu 11
Kahvila Vaski – Raatihuoneenkatu 13, Keskustalo’s inner yard
Marin Kahvila – Kasarmikatu 3
Villa Marenki – Eteläkatu 3


Café Laurell – Hämeenkatu 30
Cela Kahvila – Hämeenaukio 1 as. 167
Kahvila Mokkasydän – Hämeenkatu 25-27
Kulma – Hämeenkatu 25-27
Prisma Café Riihimäki – Kauppakeskus Atomi, Eteläinen Asemakatu 3
Ullan Pakari – Virmanojankatu 6


Café Tammela – Hakkapeliitantie 2


Café Sofia – Valtakatu 9-11
Good Mood Cafe – Kauppatori 5
Hakafood Café – Hakalantie 1
Culture center Luova’s café Kahvila – Kauppilankatu 2
Lounas-Kahvila Maukas – Apiankatu 7
SYÖMÄÄN! breakfast and lunch cafe – Valtakatu 27-29

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