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Apply to Event Team

The event team is a good way to gain experience in organizing events. That experience is useful in a surprising number of jobs and hobbies.

Our event managers have a lot of fun coming up, and we are looking for enthusiastic participants to join the team. The biggest events of the year, which HAMKO organizes each year, are the Loppurysäys in the spring and the Alkupamaus in the autumn, and we also participate in organizing the Hämeenlinna Appro. In addition, smaller events are organized whenever possible.

In the event team:

  • You get to see what is happening behind the events
  • You gain experience in organizing an event
  • Networked with other students
  • You get to know different partners
  • You can earn credits

You can join the event team for just one event, or for several. Previous experience in organizing events is not required. Applications for the event team are open until February 5, 2023.

What does the events team do? For example, in the planning phase, the content and marketing of the event are planned and offers are requested, e.g. venues and performers. The team contacts partners, such as restaurants, associations and other event organizers. And in carrying out the event, he takes care of the practical arrangements.

You can get more information from the leaders of the event team, Silja and Meeri. You can send free-form applications to or

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