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Application for a Student Member to the Board of Häme University of Applied Sciences Ltd is open

We are looking for one student member to the board of Häme University of Applied Sciences Ltd for the term starting on 1st of August 2021. The term ends in May 2025. A student who is studying in a degree programme in Häme University of Applied of Sciences may apply to become a student member of the board.

Membership of the company’s Board is valued, and you will gain valuable experience e.g.

  • board work
  • on the activities of the Board of the limited liability company
  • the operations of the university of applied sciences as a whole

Tasks in the University of applied sciences’ board:

  • decide on the university of applied sciences’ strategy
  • decide on the university of applied sciences’ budget and plan of action
  • accept the university of applied sciences’ ordinance and other regulations
  • decide on the amount of the incoming students in the university of applied sciences

The tasks of the University of applies sciences’ board are described on the law of university of applied sciences. Student is a fully authorized and equal member of the board and has the same responsibilities as the other members of the board.

The board will have one student member who should be committed to working in the board and use time to acquaint themselves with the issues. The board will gather approximately 10 times a year and the student member should prepare themselves properly for the meetings. In addition the board will gather few times a year for other events.

Please note that working language in the board is Finnish.

Apply by sending a free-form motivational letter to Please send your application by latest June 1st at 4 pm.

The student member will be chosen by the Student Union’s Council of Representatives on their meeting at June.

Read from our blog what a present student member tells about operating in a board.

You may ask more information:

Aleksi Kurvi
Executive Director,, tel. 044 722 1000

Johannes Asikainen
Student member of the HAMK Ltd board,

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