Executive director

Aleksi Kurvi


The executive director plans and coordinates the operations and finances of the Student Union. They're also responsible for the administration and services. 


Phone: +358 44 722 1000
E-mail: aleksi.kurvi[at]



Member services and communication
Inka Panttila


The adviser of member services and communication serves students at the Student Union’s office and can help you in membership and student card issues. Adviser is also responsible for Student Union's communications.


Phone: +358 44 722 1003
E-mail: inka.panttila[at]



Counselling and student welfare

Emma Kokkonen


The adviser of counselling and student welfare plans and develops the Student Union's tutoring, organizes events and produces material for their areas of responsibility.


Phone: +358 44 722 1002
E-mail: emma.kokkonen[at]


Ville Lempola


Quality of Education and Careers


Phone: +358 44 722 1007

Email: ville.lempola[at]