Renew membership or card

This page is for those who already have a student card but wish to renew their membership i.e. pay for another year or replace a broken or lost card.


Academic year sticker 9/2019 is valid until 30.9.2019.


Renew your membership

From the link below you can renew your membership for the time you want. The form is currently only in Finnish - if you need guidance, please contact the Student Union! You will sign in with your HAMK student number (7 digits).


After you have renewed your membership, you can collect new academic year sticker from HAMKO's office or from our partner student associations.


If you can't collect new sticker from campus or you are unsure if you still have paid membership left, please contact the Student Union and we'll check it from our membership register.


Schedule for renewing membership:


Renewing membership for autumn semester or entire academic year starts in the beginning of July. You can pay the subscription online and pick up new academic year sticker in the beginning of August when we have received the new stickers and open our office again (follow our website to find out the exact date).


Renewing membership for spring semester starts in the beginning of January. If your membership is not valid and you renew your membership in December for a semester, it means the current autumn semester and you will get an academic year sticker that is valid until the end of January.


>>Renew membership here

Membership periods and prices for old members:  
1 semester (0,5 years) 18 €
1 year 31 €
1,5 years 44 €
2 years 57 €
2,5 years 70 €
3 years 83 €

Replace lost or broken student card

Ordering a new student card will be possible as soon as we get the new card ordering service up. For now the easist way to get a new student card is to contact