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What is going on in HAMKO during corona?

Despite the exceptional spring, we have worked at HAMKO according to the schedules made earlier. The ways of working just have changed to take place at home and remotely. For us board members, this has meant adapting to new ways of working not only in our studies but also in our HAMKO positions.

Lately, all of us at HAMKO have been learning new ways to communicate, like so many others. Meetings in Zoom and Teams have filled our calendars and we are facing similar situation and challenges as other students. Many of us board members are facing a situation where we can’t do our tasks the way we had planned them. One notable example being organizing events.

These times are challenging, and some people might have trouble finding motivation. Some people might be feeling lonelier than usual due to self-isolating. Many of the normal things, like working with other students at campuses, have changed. Using different platforms to have online meetings might not feel the same as meeting face to face. We are facing the same problem.

However, we have been able to do many things as planned. We published our renewed website and for the first time ever, we have started the tutor training remotely.  We also had a live stream from Vappu celebrations where we put a student cap on Sibelius statue. That was first time that HAMKO organized an online event and we are figuring out if these remote events will be organized also after corona restrictions.

Soon we will be looking towards autumn and we are actively following discussion about corona restrictions and the overall situation. Hopefully by autumn we can start returning our normal lives. Before autumn though, let us enjoy warming weather and summer the best way possible!

With spring greetings,
HAMKO’s board

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