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The HAMK Person of the Year 2022 awards have been published

We asked from students in the spring for suggestions for the HAMK Person of the Year, who has done particularly good work in your opinion.

In the selection of the HAMK Person of the Year, the following criteria was emphasized: Creating a community and promoting community spirit, and the versatile use of digital in teaching. A total of 33 different people were proposed, both teaching and other staff.

The HAMK Person of the Year 2022 Award was given to:
Senior Lecturer of Information and Communication Technology, Bio and Circular Economy, Ari Hietala,
Senior Lecturer of Sustainable Development, Rauni Varkia,
Senior Lecturer of Landscape Design and Construction, Katja Virtanen,
and Service Coordinator Tuula Rauhamäki.

The awards were published by Milla Räty, Chair of HAMKO’s Representative Council, at HAMK’s personnel days 2022.

The proposals received a lot of good comments, and the selected ones were commented on e.g. the following:

Ari Hietala:
“Understands the benefits of remote learning and knows how to utilize available technology. Helps students to get agilely involved in teaching with well-produced remote implementations. Has managed to guide students and lecture on interesting topics. He skilfully takes into account the various opportunities for participation.”

Rauni Varkia:
“A wonderful, warm-hearted person, and knows the things he teaches thoroughly. Come up with a vocabulary related to the topics of the course on how to play the remote Alias game. The game was fun, supported grouping and a sense of community with the class, and was educational at the same time related to the course topics. The game was the highlight of a remote and seemingly endless solitary module.”

Katja Virtanen
“Recordings and educational videos have given all kinds of learners the opportunity. The students have benefited from an approach to teaching that is applicable to today and praised as expert. Controls the use of technology in teaching, is clear in her instructions and always helps to the best of his ability.”

Tuula Rauhamäki:
“A helpful person who helps to understand HAMK’s policies, helps to find the right contact persons or lost goods. Meets people cordially and makes people feel welcome.”

The student union of Häme University of Applied Sciences congratulates the award recipients and thanks them for their excellent work, especially in creating a student community!

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