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Renewed is open!

Welcome to our renewed website! The dream of a new was voiced out loud in our office in the autumn of 2018. Now, a year and a half later the dream and plans have come true.

The main goal for our new website was to make the site work better on mobile, and we are pleased to say that this goal was well achieved.

We hope you like our new website and you can easily find everything you need here. If you notice any problems or something you are looking for cannot be found, please contact us by email

At the latest, now is the time to thank everyone who contributed to our website reform:

  • This great website was made by Muuks Creative. We are extremely satisfied with both the result and the cooperation during the project.
  • Almost all photos on this new site are by Laura Lempola. We want to thank Laura not only for the great photos but for taking them at short notice!
  • HAMKO’s Board 2019 was a great help in the planning of the website project, and Board 2020 provided important feedback and comments during it.
  • The entire HAMKO staff did a great job of going through the content of the old website and editing it for the new one.
  • Thanks also to colleagues from other student unions who gave good tips for a successful website project.

We hope you enjoy our new website which is also our blog’s new home!

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