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HAMK’s Riihimäki student healthcare services from Hämeenlinna from June 16, 2023

The general and mental health services of FSHS for HAMK Riihimäki students will be transferred to the FSHS service point in Hämeenlinna.

The FSHS service point at Koulukatu 25 will serve Riihimäki campus students from June 16, 2023. Oral health services for students have already been in Hämeenlinna so far. The change affects approximately 1300 students of the educational institution.

Until now, general and mental health services have been subcontracted in Mehiläinen Riihimäki. In addition, the students have been able to use the services of FSHS’ Hämeenlinna service point at the same time.

The change is part of FSHS’s nationwide change, which aims to ensure uniform availability of services and appropriate production in all 44 service points. FSHS has monitored the functionality of the current service network for two years after its operations doubled.

“Two years’ experience has shown that students use the services differently than they were originally planned. The student’s right to also use Hämeenlinna’s services has proven to be more convenient for the students,” says regional manager Reetaleena Hietala.

Therefore, based on distance studies and their mobility habits, students also use the nearest FSHS service point other than their educational institution.

During the end of 2023, a total of seven FSHS service points will change at different times. The changes mainly concern service points where FSHS has subcontracted services from a partner.
Kela, which is responsible for organizing student health care, has approved the changes to FSHS’s service network for 2023. In planning the changes, care has been taken to ensure that FSHS will continue to ensure adequate accessibility of services when using public transport.

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