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Silja Lähti (number 131)

Why you should be voted?

I make sure that the voices of small campuses are heard in HAMKO. I want to promote and maintain cooperation between HAMK’s campuses, fields of study and student associations. I am already an experienced student activist (FAMKO: board member 2021, vice president 2022, HAMKO: representative council member 2021, board member 2023) and a fourth-year student who has already accumulated a lot of knowledge about student union and association activities. I feel this is useful in operation.

What kind of student union you want to build?

I want to build a sustainable, united and active student union that takes care of students’ well-being and coping. We have seven campuses, each of which has a voice in decision-making. I want to continue the good work that has already been started to improve the visibility of the student union and promote the relevance of the student union to the students. In particular, increasing the role and awareness of the representative council to students would be important. Make representative council great again! <3

What are your most important themes or issues if you are elected to the Representative Council?

Sustainability, equality and student well-being

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