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Satu Honka (number 130)

Why you should be voted?

I have lived in a small town all my life. Now, as a student in such a place, I have gained a perspective on the benefits of a small campus, but also its challenges. Equality, student well-being and cooperation are important values ​​to me, and I want to bring these values ​​forward in the representative council on behalf of small campuses. Although I am only a second-year student, I have already been involved in the activities of the student association FAMKO in 2023 as member service manager and chairman. I believe that the skills I learned in these roles will equip me to serve in the Representative Council.

What kind of student union you want to build?

I want to be building a student union where equality between campuses is realized and even small campuses can enjoy the student life and culture of large campuses by being a better part of the student body’s activities and making their voices heard. I also want to be building cooperation between students from different fields.

What are your most important themes or issues if you are elected to the Representative Council?

Equality, students’ well-being and community spirit and closeness to people.

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