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Leevi Meriläinen (number 10)

Why you should be voted?

I have an impact in Riihimäki and I am applying Riihimäki’s engineering students to the board of RINO ry in 2024. This is an opportunity to act as a kind of bridge and a contact person for the partner association. It would be an advantage if Riihimäki could get hold of a visible person in the direction of HAMKO at any time, other than by email. I have been praised with the words: calm, Conscientious and reliable. I can be creative and envision everything.

What kind of student union you want to build?

I want to promote a student body that listens; stays awake to what the students say, want and feel – in places other than those festive speeches. A student body that can be seen and heard, and is where the students are.

What are your most important themes or issues if you are elected to the Representative Council?

Community spirit, topicality and communication between campuses.

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