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Henriikka Mastokangas (number 132)

Why you should be voted?

I have enough enthusiasm to make an impact, my love for it was ignited several years ago. I have experience in the board activities of a national secondary student organization, and I also served as the organization’s chairman for a year. Thanks to my organizational background, I am ready to speak and advocacy is particularly close to my heart. I want to make it possible for the time we spend at the university to be as good and safe as possible.

What kind of student union you want to build?

I want to be in the process of building a student union where every student has knowledge of how they can influence their affairs during their studies. Increasing the awareness of the student union is something I want to be a part of increasing together. I want to be increasing the close cooperation between campuses and different fields. I also want our student union to actively promote safe and equal study time for everyone.

What are your most important themes or issues if you are elected to the Representative Council?

Sustainability, humanity and student well-being

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