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Helena Salmelainen (number 134)

Why you should be voted?

A genuine desire to promote students’ affairs in a better direction. Cooperation creates new opportunities and experiences, which I want to be part of building. I have also served on Famko’s board in 2023, which led me to become interested in the representative council.

What kind of student union you want to build?

The student union, which is a support and resource for all students. I want to increase cooperation between fields and campuses, which increases versatility and different opportunities for students. It is also good to continue the work done for the campuses so that all campuses can have their voices heard. The well-being of the students is also of paramount importance. I want to promote things that support students’ mental and physical well-being and coping.

What are your most important themes or issues if you are elected to the Representative Council?

The most important themes for me are well-being, sustainability and justice.

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