Purchasing the student card with non-Finnish bank account

Due to the system update, the student card orders from non-Finnish bank accounts are done manually. To order the student card, you should send the following information to hamko@hamko.fi:


1. Information about you:


Firstname, lastname

Date of birth

Address (in Finland)

Phone number

Degree program & campus


2. A photo of you (passport photo or similar photo of your face)


3. A copy of the payment receipt after you've made a payment to our bank account. Use the following bank information:

IBAN: FI6481 3007 1016 0991
Receiver: Hämeen amk:n opiskelijakunta


Membership fees and reference numbers to choose from:

1 semester:  33 EUR, reference number 1928
1 year:     46 EUR, reference number 1931
3,5 years:     111 EUR, reference number 1986
4 years:     124 EUR, reference number 1999


If you are an exchange student, the membership for one semester is the best option for you. With that you'll get the student discounts and benefits till the end of September.


After this, the information is sent to the company that produces a student card for you. If you have any questions, please contact hamko@hamko.fi.


We're sorry for the inconvenience!