Work groups

The Student Union has named student representatives in Häme University of Applied Sciences' work groups and other organs. The Student Representative ensures that students’ interests and point of view are taken into consideration in decision making. Student representatives are chosen by the Council of representatives.

Student representatives for 2019 (unofficial translations):

Work group Representatives
Quality Management Development Group Katja Pouta
Student welfare group Emma Kokkonen, Lasse Vilmi
Management group Maisa Koivisto
Student counselors’ group Emma Kokkonen, Eelis Liukkonen
International group Aleksi Kurvi
Student recruitment workgroup Iida Lehtonen
School of Entrepreneurship and business operations, management group Linh Pham, Heli Mononen
School of Welfare knowledge, management group Sakari Vitikka, Rasmus Anderssén
School of Bioeconomy, management group Helene Munck, Johanna Janhunen
School of Technology, management group Kalle Rantanen, Katja Pouta
Crisis and security work group Aleksi Kurvi

Board of examiners

Teemu Hannula, deputy representative Mika Tuominen