Tutors help to build group spirit

Tutors are experienced students who help new students. You can contact your tutors already during summer after receiving your acceptance letter and you’ll meet them when orientation week starts. Tutors will guide, inform and support you to ensure you have a smooth start for your studies. You’ll meet tutors throughout your studies for example in events organised by the Student Union of HAMK.


Here a are few distinctive signs how to recognise a tutor:


• Tutor T-shirt – this tutor’s uniform can be seen every time there’s something going on. The tutor t-shirt combined with the student overalls is a sure way to be noticed.
• Tutor badge – the official tutor overalls badge given only to the Student Union’s tutors. You can’t buy the tutor badge, you must earn it!


Become a tutor!

The Student Union recruits new tutors every year. Each year, the Student Union trains approximately 100 peer tutors. All tutors must take part in the tutors’ basic training, parts I and II, to become official tutors. As a peer tutor, you will gain valuable experience in peer guidance, make new friends, have free time activities and receive ECTS credits. The peer tutoring period is one year and you can obtain 3-5 ECTS credits from your work (read more here).


After first year of tutoring you have a chance to continue your tutoring as an responsible tutor. As an responsible tutor you are more closely involved in improving student guidance in your own degree program and whole higher education instution. You will also support and guide new peer tutors in your own degree program. You may also work as a tutor for the exchange and international degree students by taking part in additional trainings.


Tutors are selected every autumn through tutor recruitment and interviews. Usually first year students become tutors, but basically the recruitment is open for anyone studying at HAMK. Follow these pages in for updates on tutor recruitment and sign up!


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Photographer: Iikka Pietilä


Tutor's duties

Tutors have many different duties. They, for example, help applicants and staff in the entrance exams, guide new students during orientation week and take part in planning and executing orientation events. Through additional trainings tutors gain new duties.


All tutors have at least the following duties:


• participation in trainings (the tutors’ basic trainings I and II are compulsory to all).
• introduce the Student Union and the benefits of being a member of the Student Union to the new students.
• help the new students and introduce them to studying in HAMK.
• act as a link between HAMK staff and new students.
• support the new students and introduce them to one another within their group.
• organise free time activities and events according to own schedule (for example board game evenings, sports events, sauna evenings, get-togethers etc.)


Tutors may also have other duties in their own degree programme or on their HAMK campus that are not listed here. Ask your student counselor or responsible tutors about these.