When you're studying in HAMK, remember to join the Student Union. As a member of the Student Union, you can affect issues that concern you, such as studying and student life in general. All members can stand as candidates in the election of the Student Union’s Council of representatives, vote in the election and apply to be in the Student Union’s Board.


When you join the Student Union, you’ll receive a student card as a sign of your membership and student status. This student card entitles you to local and national student benefits.


Keep your student card with you and be ready to show it!


You can join the Student Union easily here:

Become a member


Membership fee

The prices for new member include a joining fee, the card producing costs and the membership fee. You can choose to pay your membership for the full duration of your studies or pay it in shorter terms, but the multiannual membership is the cheapest and easiest option.


Your student card will be ready in approximately in 3 weeks, but in September it might take longer because of the peak period. This is why it's good to order your card in time!


If you are absent or overseas for a semester, your membership can be put on hold until your studies continue. You must notify the Student Union about your absence before you leave.

Prices for new members:  
1 semester (autumn or spring) 28 €
1 year 41 €
2 years 67 €
3,5 years 106 €
4 years 119 €