There are many sporting opportunities offered locally on campuses in the form of tournaments, courses and demonstrations. HAMK has a Coordinator of sports services, Ms. Maija Kerkola, who is responsible for the sports offered by the university. Come, find out what is on offer and try out new sports!


If you have any questions, contact the Coordinator of sports services:


Maija Kerkola
tel. 050 574 5939



Here you can find the sports calendar and more information about the sport services.


The Finnish Student Sports Federation offers many benefits! From their Internet site you’ll find information, for example, about the SELL Games. If you are interested in participating, please contact the HAMK sports secretary Ms. Maija Kerkola for further information.


Every year in autumn there is a charity football tournament, "FUAS Fudis", which is organized by the student unions HAMKO, LAMKO and Laureamko.