Sport pass

Hamk offers good quality, low costs and plenty of variety in StudentSports in 2017-2018. Where-ever you study, you can participate in different kinds of sports activities organized by HAMK. This helps you to maintain good health, well-being and study- or work capability. 

Students must buy the right to use the various sport services offered by HAMK in Hämeenlinna (sport pass). On other campuses sport services are free for all students. Students from all campuses can buy the sport pass and use sport services in Hämeenlinna.


The sport pass can be added to your student union card or some other ID. When you buy the sport pass, the broad access rights will be activated for you, so you will be able to use the sport services outside the school hours. You can by the sport pass for one semester at a time.



  • Member of the student union HAMKO: 40 euros/semester
  • Other students: 50 euros/semester


You can buy the sport pass for spring 2018 from the student union's office. With sport pass you can use the gym until the end of August and group classes until May 11.


More information about HAMK Moves here.