By joining the Student Union you'll get the official student card, which is your way to prove that you're a student in Finland in all situations necessary. With the card, you can access all benefits of your own student group, such as national student deals (e.g. train and bus discounts, student-priced meals).


All student cards are ordered through Frank service. You’ll find all the necessary information on Frank’s site and in the online card order system. At the same time you'll join your student union, which is required to get the student card. In questions and problem situations related to card order delivery, please contact

>> Join the Student Union and order your student card here

Start the order by clicking "UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCE". From the student union menu, choose “Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences”.


In questions and problem situations related to card order delivery, please contact

Prices for new members:  
1 semester (autumn or spring) 33 €
1 year 46 €
2 years 72 €
3,5 years 111 €
4 years 124 €


The prices include the joining fee (4,9 €), card producing costs (15,10 €) and the membership fee. When choosing the ISIC card, the card producing costs are 30,10 €. 


When you pay the membership for your whole study time, you'll save on membership fees and make sure you're eligible to student benefits and discounts all the time.


Card delivery time is approximately 1-2 weeks. On peak periods in September and January it might take longer.


NB! If you already have a student card by HAMKO, you don't need to order a new card from Frank if you don't want to! You just have to make sure you have a valid academic year sticker on your card.


Student card options

Student card with the payment functionality ​


●  With this type of card you can both prove your student status (and get all the student discounts and benefits) and pay your purchases in every shop where MasterCard is accepted. You can also draw out money from ATMs all around the world. 
● In addition to the traditional chip payment, the card also has a contactless payment feature which makes it possible to pay the purchases under 25€ without a PIN number simply by tapping the card on a point-of-sale terminal reader. This will be very easy and quick for example in the student cafeteria!
●The card works as a Prepaid card. All purchases made with your card will be charged from your Aktia Wallet account. You will be guided to register to Aktia Wallet service when ordering the card. Just activate your card in Aktia Wallet, transfer money to your account and your card is ready to use!
ISIC functionality can be also added (additional charge of 15€) to this type of card and after that the card will work as an international student card. You can prove that you are a student all around the world and get discounts in over 120 countries.
●  In order to get this card type, you need Finnish personal identity code and Finnish mobile phone number.
● The card will be delivered to your home address. After this you have to get the valid academic year sticker to the card from HAMKO’s office in Visamäki or from your campus’s student association. HAMKO also vitits the campuses in autumn.


Student card without the payment functionality 

●  A basic student card, with which you can prove you are a student and get all the student discounts and benefits
●  Not available as a payment card or ISIC card
● You will pick up the card from HAMKO’s office in Visamäki (if you study in Hämeenlinna) or from your campuses’ student association. We also visit Lahdensivu and other campuses in autumn.

●  If the card order system doesn’t accept your phone number, please make sure that it is 10 digits long and starts with number 0. All digits should be written together.