International tutors

International tutors work with international students, both exchange and degree programme students, coming to HAMK. The International tutor training is organised every spring and all tutors who have completed the first part of tutors’ basic training can take part. The International tutor training is in English and it deals with the special aspects of tutoring international students and prepares the tutors for the up-coming situations.


The International tutors introduce Finnish culture and customs to the new students. They also help with practical daily matters (how to use public transport, weigh fruit in a shop or draw cash from an ATM) and organise free time activities when their own schedule permits. International tutors also encourage Finnish students to get to know and interact with international students.


Becoming an International tutor is a great way to meet students from all over the world. You don’t have to speak perfect English to become an International tutor; you just have to be willing to help students settle into their new environment. Creating an international network of friend is surely a richness that will be benefit you in the future!


Ask more about becoming an International tutor from the Student Union's Board member or advicer of counceling and student welfare.