Can I order the student card before I arrive to Finland?


You can order your student card before you arrive or you can do it when you've arrived. If you do it beforehand, your card will most likely be here waiting for you when you arrive and you can start using it immediately.



Which address I put to my application?


If you already know your address in Finland, then put it to your membership application. If you don't know where you are going to live in Finland, then write down your current home address.



Where do I pick up my student card when it's ready?


If you study in Hämeenlinna, you can pick up the card from HAMKO's office in Visamäki (C-building) . In other campuses the partner student associations will hand out the cards.



Where do I get a new academic year sticker to my student card?

If you study in Hämeenlinna, you can claim a new sticker from HAMKO's office in Visamäki (C-building).


Those who study in other campuses can claim a sticker from partner student association.


If you have ordered a new student card it will already have a sticker in it.



How long is the sticker on my student card valid?


There are two types of stickers: academic year and autumn semester stickers. There is no separate spring sticker: if you pay for the spring semester, the sticker will look the same as the academic year sticker.


The academic year sticker 9/2918 is valid till 30.09.2018.


Remember that you must have your card with you when you come to renew your validation sticker. We must glue the sticker on your card and cannot give it to you to glue yourself. We are also not allowed to send stickers by mail. If you wish to receive the sticker via mail, you must send us your student card and the return envelope that has your address and a regular stamp.



I have ordered a student card, but it's not ready yet. I'd like to get a student discount for a forthcoming train trip. What do I do?

While you're waiting for your student card to get ready, you can use a temporary certificate that has signature and official stamp from school. The certificate is valid for three months. After this, only the student card will prove your student status and make you eligible for student discounts. The certificate cannot be a printed copy.



Why should I get the student card? What's in it for me?


The student card is a membership card which is a proof of belonging to a student union. Student unions negotiate thousands of benefits nationwide to their cardholding members. The membership fee is a small price to pay for an economical student life. You can receive discounts on travel, food, insurances, clothing and entrance fees, just to name a few. For more benefits, see here.


By becoming a member of your student union, you support the supervision of the interests of all students, yourself included. Your student union will stand up for your rights in the administration of your own university as well as on a national level.


The membership fees fund the operations of the Student Union. The Student Union in turn pays to SAMOK (The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences) a membership fee for each of its members. Thus, by joining your student union, you support student activities and the supervision of students’ interests both locally and nationally. SAMOK does invaluable work as a supervisor of students’ interests by influencing decision makers. Credible and effective supervision work does not come cheap and this is why your membership fee is important. The memberships also fund the improvements in the study environment and events. By taking part in the local student association’s meetings, you can have a say in what your association does on your campus!



I paid a membership fee for the entire duration of my studies when I joined the Student Union. I was absent last semester and now have returned to my studies at HAMK. Since I didn’t take a validation sticker for last semester, can I have it now?


No. Your membership fee is used whether you claim your sticker or not. An absent student cannot be a member of the Student Union and thus you cannot use your student card while absent. You must notify the Student Union of your absence.


You can defer you membership by notifying the Student Union’s office in advance to email hamko@hamko.fi. Your notification must include your name, degree programme and estimated time of absence. The deferral for spring semester must be made before January 31st and for autumn September 30th. The original notification can be later defined according to the same deadlines. You cannot defer retrospectively after your absence.



If I transfer to another Finnish university of applied sciences or to HAMK from another Finnish university, do I need a new student card?


We recommend that you order a new student card since it is included in the joining fee. Also, new student card has these benefits:

  • You can activate access ability to your student card and after that you can use the card as your key to HAMK campuses.
  • You can use the student card as HAMK library card by activating it at the library.



I’m changing degree programmes within HAMK. Can I use my old student card?


Yes. The student card is not degree programme specific.



Can I just join the Student Union or my local student association and save in the membership fees?


Joining your local student association is free for all the members of the Student Union. The membership fee of a local student association is determined annually in the association’s autumn meeting. It is usually the same as the membership of the Student Union, thus it is more economical to join the Student Union and become a member of your local association for free.



How do I resign from the Student Union?


You can resign by filling the resignation form that you can ask from the Student Union's office and delivering it to us with your student card. When resigning, you may claim back the part of your membership fee you haven't used yet. The return will be made on the full semesters i.e. half year periods. The important dates to remember are September 30th and January 31st, after which the semester's membership is considered as used. Please note that the joining fee and the card producing costs will not be returned. A processing fee of 5 € will be taken off the amount of the membership fee return.


Paying back your membership requires you to give us back your student card with your resignation form. Your resignation will not be processed without the card.