Responsible tutoring

Responsible tutors are experienced tutors who have been tutoring at least for one year already. Responsible tutor is active to improve his/her own skills and wants to also improve student guidance in his/her own degree program and in higher education institute. Responsible tutor supports and guides other tutors in his/her own study program together with student couselor. Responsible tutors makes sure that information runs smoothly between different people and every tutor knows where to be and what do. Responsible tutor arranges regular meatings with other tutors in his/her own degree program with the help of student counselor. He/she will write memos from these meetings and save them to tutors workspace for later use.


As an responsible tutor you will learn more about group management, performance skills and get a chance to innovate and develop new while working closely with the Student Union, student counselor and other staff members from HAMK UAS.


Responsible tutors task is for one year and selections will be made yeach year around April or May. Multiple responsible tutors can be chosen to each degree program and the tasks you need to perform during the year will be devided at the same time. Selection of responsible tutors is carried out by student counselors. Responsible tutor can also work as an international tutor in your own degree program or in another degree program in your own study campus. Student Union ogranizes additional training to responsible tutors so you don't start from scratch. In the training you will get more information about the tasks and responsibilities of responsible tutor and also tools and methods to support your tutoring.

Study description


For further information, consult other responsbile tutors since they are the experts about the work. You may also contact the Student Unions Board member or adviser of counceling and student welfare for if you have any questions.