Council of representatives

The highest decision-making body in the Student Union is the Council of Representatives which is elected annually among and by the members of the Student Union. The Council of Representatives is in charge of defining policies and it confirms, for example, the plan of work and the budget for the Student Union.


There are 21 representatives in the Council of Representatives. The chairperson for 2017 is Mr. Mika Tuominen and vice chairperson is Ms. Maria Laukkanen.


All members of the Student Union can stand for the election of the Council of Representatives. Each member also has a vote in the election. Remember to use these rights!


By working in the Council of representatives it is also possible to gain ECTS credits: see "Student union and civic organisation activities" at this site. If you are interested to find out more about the Council of Representatives, come to the next meeting or contact a member of the Council.


You can see the Council's meeting attendance here.

Council of representatives 2017:

Name Electoral coalition Degree programme Campus
Mika Tuominen, Chairperson Tradenöörit Business Administration Visamäki
Maria Laukkanen, Vice chairperson - Business Administration Visamäki
Arto Haaranen Tradenöörit Information and Communication Technology Riihimäki
Mikko Hoikkala - Business Information Technology Visamäki
Suvi Holopainen Tradenöörit Mechanical and Production Engineering Riihimäki
Taru Jokinen - Agricultural and Rural Industries Mustiala
Emma Kokkonen - Sustainable Development Forssa
Susanna Mallander - Business Administration Visamäki
Arttu-Pekka Rantanen Tradenöörit Electrical and Automation Engineering Valkeakoski
Kalle Rantanen Tradenöörit Electrical and Automation Engineering Valkeakoski
Netta Rajanen - Public Health Nursing Lahdensivu
Ville Vestman Tradenöörit Construction and Civil Engineering Visamäki
Sandeep Vuppalapadu - Construction Engineering Visamäki
Miia Härkönen - Nursing Lahdensivu
Gramoz Shpendi - Construction Engineering Visamäki
Saana Perälä - Business Administration Visamäki
Sakari Vitikka - Nursing Forssa
Md. Zahid Hasan Rubel - Construction Engineering Visamäki
Annaleena Mänki - Agricultural and Rural Industries Mustiala
Markku Kirjava - Information and Communication Technology Riihimäki
Roosa Oja-Lipasti - Biotechnology and food engineering Visamäki