A club or a society can be formed by a group of people if most of them are members of the Student Union. The activities and events the club or society organises must be targeted primarily to the members of the Student Union and promote their general welfare or offer them free time activities. The activities and events must no compete with activities or events organized by The Student Union. The status of a club or a society is granted by the Board of the Student Union.



How to start a club or a society?


You can apply for the club status by filling out the online form


Clubs and societies may apply and receive an allowance form the Student Union. The allowance can be financial or of other resources. The amount of money reserved for financial allowances is confirmed by the Council of Representatives annually in their budget. Allowances are applied from the Student Union. Allowance applications must be delivered to the Board of The Student Union, which will discuss it in the next Board meeting.