The Board, elected by the Council of Representatives, holds the administrative and executive power in the Student Union. Board's tasks are to represent the Student Union locally and nationally, lead the operations and inform students and other interest groups about issues concerning them. It is also in charge of the Student Union’s administration.


Board’s term lasts for one calendar year and it comprised of the president, vice president and at least 3 but no more than 8 members.


By working in the Board it is possible to gain 3-6 ECTS credits, depending on the position.

Board 2017:

Sara Holm

+358 44 722 1001

Niko Angervo
Vice president
+358 44 722 1004
Rasmus Anderssén
Student welfare

Markus Luoma
Counseling and orientation

Heli Mononen
Member benefits and services

Maija Kranni
Quality and feedback

Marcus Stenholm
Student culture
+358 44 722 1005
Mikael Laitinen
+358 44 722 1006